GC3 Sim-In-A-Box


GC3 Sim-In-A-Box
Ideal for those wanting to enjoy the ultimate practice, analysis, and indoor golf experience, without the need for a dedicated room or permanent installation.

Powered by our GC3 launch monitor and featuring our FSX software experience projected onto a uniquely designed frame / screen structure, the Sim-in-a-Box is quickly and easily sel

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Our Stunning Sim-In-A-Box Takes You Into The Realm Of Real-Time Projected Simulation.

Ideal For Those Wanting To Enjoy The Ultimate Practice, Analysis, And Indoor Golf Experience Without The Need For A Dedicated Room Or Permanent Installation.

Powered by our industry-leading GC technology, and featuring our FSX software experience projected onto a uniquely designed frame and screen structure, the Sim-in-a-Box is quickly and easily self-assembled straight out of the box.

Sim-In-A-Box Components
For the first time ever, experience full-size, true-to-life golf simulation with unprecedented affordability and ease with our Sim-in-a-Box. From range practice to course gameplay, the Performance Simulator package has everything you need – including the unmatched accuracy and reliability that only Foresight Sports can deliver.

Components include:
Foresight Sports launch monitor
Simulator structure with frame, tensioned impact screen, and turf strip
Hitting mat & tee holders
Game-ready laptop & laptop stand
FSX Play and FSX 2020 with 20 standard courses, FSX Pro and Awesome Golf
Fairgrounds all-ages game suite
Surge protection

The Ultimate Simulation Experience
Enjoy the most true-to-life golf simulation experience with our FSX software. Play the world’s best courses, practice your skills on the range, all in beautiful 4K resolution.

FSX Play
FSX Play is the next evolution of true-to-life graphics in golf simulation. With a whole new graphics engine, you’ll experience the game like never before.

FSX Pro is Foresight Sports’ dedicated performance insight platform for the game’s best players, coaches and club fitters.

Integrated Software
We offer the largest library of integrated software add-ons for use with our launch monitors. Play your way with our amazing third party options. GSPro, Awesome Golf, Creative Golf 3D, E6 Connect and Swing Catalyst!

Flexible Applications
You’ll find our simulation technology all over the world, in every golfing environment you can imagine, from private homes to the world’s most sophisticated manufacturer R&D facilities.

Powered By Game Changer Technology
Sim-in-a-Box is powered by the world’s best-selling family of launch monitors, trusted all over the world by thousands of golfers and golf professionals.

Our unique approach of directly measuring ball launch and club delivery, using ultra-high-speed smart cameras, guarantees the ultimate in accuracy and reliability across every shot and every club in the game.