Three precision cameras for both ball and club data. Four ways to connect. A touch screen display that’s easy to read indoors and out. Add it all up and you’ve got the ultimate personal launch monitor.

Tour-Trusted Technology
Built on the same advanced photometric technology found in our tour-dominating flagship launch monitor, the GCQuad, the new GC3 features a three-camera system that delivers ball and club performance data, both outdoors and indoors, with industry-leading precision.

Precision, Inside And Out
Thanks to its precise sub-millimetre measurement of the golf ball and club, the GC3 ensures accurate and reliable feedback both on the range and in your home simulator. No other launch monitor technology compares to the GC line when it comes to delivering real-time performance insight.

Unmatched Ball And Club Data
The GC3 uses a combination of infrared object tracking and high-speed, high-resolution camera-based technology to precisely measure every aspect of club head and ball launch performance.

Multi-Award Winner
Renowned golfing publication Golf Monthly has recognised the “uncompromising accuracy and performance” of the Foresight Sports GC3 launch monitor for the second year running with their Editor’s Choice Award 2023.

Never miss a round or practice session again and experience the most true-to-life golf simulation experience for any-time, any-weather golf. The GC3 is available with all our premium simulator solutions including the revolutionary Sim-in-a-Box.

Gameplay As Real As It Gets
Hyper-realistic golf simulator gameplay powered by the industry’s most accurate launch monitors.

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