The Falcon Has Landed
More Powerful. More Compact

The Falcon delivers more than a dozen points of ball and club performance data with each shot — nearly twice the data of any other overhead-mounted launch monitor in the market with the exception of the GCHawk.

The Falcon is the new gold standard in the overhead launch monitor space — fitting seamlessly into any commercial or residential environment, and any budget.

Meet The Next Generation
The Falcon is the next generation of Foresight Sports’ overhead launch monitors. Using the same Quadrascopic Technology found in the award-winning GCQuad, the Falcon boasts the best performance and accuracy ever found in an overhead launch monitor. With its compact size and lightning-fast processor, installation and calibration are easier than ever, while the gameplay is smoother than ever.

Left To Right Freedom
With its large hitting zone, the Falcon allows right-handed and left-handed players to hit shots with total freedom. The Falcon captures shots from every club in the bag – from the driver to the putter – for a complete, true-to-life game experience.

Unmatched Ball And Club Data
The Falcon uses a combination of infrared object tracking and high-speed, high-resolution camera-based technology to precisely measure every aspect of club head and ball launch performance.

Never miss a round or practice session again and experience the most true-to-life golf simulation experience for any-time, any-weather golf. The Falcon is available with all our premium simulator solutions including the revolutionary Sim-in-a-Box.