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Odyssey Ai-ONE Double Wide DB Golf Putter
White Hot Feel With Artificial Intelligence

The Odyssey Ai-ONE Golf Putters have been designed using Artificial Intelligence, creating an insert which delivers consistent balls speeds, making those off-centre strikes finish a little closer to the hole.

Odyssey’s latest family of meticulously engineered putters come in a variety of head shapes, all of which have specially designed contours on the Aluminium backer of the highly successful White Hot insert. The Ai-ONE insert provides Tour players and Amateurs alike with the pure feel and consistent strike they long for. Each Ai-ONE putter showcases the unique topology of the back of the insert with an automotive grade polymer window.

Featuring a lightweight steel shaft with 20-30 grams of counterbalance weight in the butt end of the club, it is an evolution on the highly successful and popular Stroke Lab Weighting. Thus, providing improved tempo and consistency of stroke. Designed with an interchangeable front split weighting system which allows you to dial in your putter head to your exact preference. The weights are available in a variety of offerings – from 5 grams to 20 grams each – in 5-gram increments.

Finished with a uniquely striking navy blue PVD finish which sets them apart from the rest and gives that high attention to detail, premium look that every Odyssey putter is crafted with.