D9 FORGED – 7 Iorns Steel

Original price was: € 1,155.00.Current price is: € 1,039.00.

D9 Forged irons combine the soft feel of a forged head with the powerful D9 Power Holes engine. The result is higher launch angles, soaring distance, incredible stopping power and pinpoint accuracy.

Premium, carbon forged heads combine exceptional feel with a thin topline and minimal offset for irons that look as good as they play.

A new, asymmetrical Power Hole arrangement is optimized for forged heads and is biased towards the heel of the club, opening the face and increasing contact time with the ball for maximum speed and distance, all in a sleek player’s profile.

A lower center of gravity provides a higher launch, increased peak trajectory and a steeper descent angle. That means more carry and greater stopping power on the green.