Staff Model – 12 Balls


Staff Model is a true Tour-caliber, 4-piece urethane golf ball that delivers unmatched precision,
speed and consistency. Since uneven paint can adversely affect performance, Staff Model is
painted using a finely controlled application process that ensures every urethane ball leaves the
factory with a nearly flawless finish. This means you can trust that Staff Model will always go
where you need it to go. This is pure precision

A unique core composition magnifies energy to generate maximum velocity off the club face for greater distance performance. ​

More layers. Higher spin. Better control. Unmatched distance and shot-shaping off the tee. Tour-level workability on the fairways. Predictable stability on approach shots and exceptional control around the green.​

Our seamless 362-dimple pattern smooths airflow around the ball for a lower ball trajectory and maximum distance performance.​