Lanzarote Golf

Lanzarote golf is located on the island of Lanzarote as its name suggests, located between Puerto del Carmen and Tías near the main hotels in the area and the airport.

The Lanzarote golf course is an 18-hole course, par 72.4 par 3, 4 par 5 and 10 par 4.1, total 6133 meters in length.

The field to the voice of its customers has many details and is in very good condition, the targets pose a great challenge, the field has a route being at the same time a challenge to plan the games. Lanzarote golf is committed to the quality program at the destination, respecting the environment on its course.

The Lanzarote golf course was designed by the North American Ron Kirby, respecting the maximum original terrain and the typical Lanzarote landscape, appreciating incredible views of the sea.

As for what the 18 holes of Lanzarote golf refer to, we will briefly name 1 to 1 so that you know the course a little more:

Hole 1: has rocky areas to the right, and the Green is protected by a bunker to the right and opposite, this hole is par 4 and handicap 4.

Hole two: it is a fairly long hole with Dogleg on the left out of bounds with this hole requiring a good tee shot leaning on the right, this hole is par 4 and handicap 4.

Hole 3: it is the only one with a 3-level Green, we must bear in mind that the direction of the wind greatly influences this hole, being a par 3 with a handicap 8.

Hole 4: this hole of par 5 and 10 handicap, with a fairly wide fairway, uphill and has two bunkers to its left and 3 bunkers defending the Green.

Hole 5: this hole is relatively easy with a par 4 and 16 handicap.

Hole 6: it is the most complicated due to its distance, elevated green and fairways lined by rocks, being a hole of par 4 and handicap 2.
Hole 7: it is a fairly long hole but its slope helps the ball travel, it is par
5 and handicap 12.

Hole 8: has stone mounds on both sides of the green is par 3 and handicap 6.

Hole 9: In this hole it is important to keep the ball to the left of the fairway, otherwise it can complicate the game being a hole of par 4 handicap 18.

Hole 10: short and narrow hole with water on both sides, par 4 and handicap 13.

Hole 11: long hole, dogleg to the right and left, this hole of par 5 handicap 9.

Hole 12: very short hole with a fairly wide green, bunker on the right, stone walls and rocky sound on the right, from this hole you can see the island of Fuerteventura from a distance.

Hole 13: long and downhill with undulations in the fairway and a wide green, this hole is par 4 handicap 3.

Hole 14: hole of par 3 ij handicap 15, it is quite short with a wide and deep green protected by a bunker to the left.

Hole 15: this hole forces us to be strategic in our games, hole of par 5 handicap 11.

Hole 16: narrow fairway with two fairway bunkers to the right and a stone wall to the left, this hole is par 4 handicap 7.

Hole 17: This hole is the most complicated on the course with a long and narrow fairway which then widens until it reaches a large lake that crosses the fairway, being a hole of par 4 handicap 1.

Hole 18: this hole has a very wide fairway to the left and right, this one you hear par 4 handicap 5.

Lanzarote golf offers its clients the clubhouse where they can find the reception, pro shop, electric trolley, bugís and a cafeteria with views of the course and the sea on its terraces you can see the exits of holes 1 and 10 and the arrival of holes 9 and 18.

At the Lanzarote Golf clubhouse you can organize large events such as weddings, company events, product presentations, among others.

Lanzarote Golf has several golf professionals to teach golf lessons and an attractive golf school program for all ages.

Lanzarote Golf offers its clients a driving range with 20 shooting positions on carpet, a putting green for putting practice close to the clubhouse, a play area short, a club maker and club creating.

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